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Upcoming Workshop’s

Kidiquette is back with its in person #workshop on manners & etiquette

#Children learn best when it’s fun & interactive with activities. At #Kidiquette we do just that & more.

Topics include

Manners & Etiquette

Etiquette in social situations

Body Language

Telephone Etiquette

Grooming & Personal Hygiene

Thanking & Apologising

Say NO to Bullying

Gratitude & Empathy

Table Manners

Formal table setup

Use of cutlery

Eating with chopsticks

Easy payment options via #Paytm/ #GPay or #online Bank transfer

Register here – https://www.instamojo.com/@Kidiquette/la6685c91c73a4e999897f8a5e1604a8c/

Manners will make your child!

Parents are often faced with this question, “when is the right time to start inculcating good manners in my child?” Well, the sooner you start its better for you.

We as parents are more worried about which school should we select for our children than enjoying our little bundle of joy & giving them their own space & time to do things. Home should be the first & best school for every child. Schooling is extremely important but teaching your child the basics, especially manners has to start at home. Don’t expect teachers to do that, it’s every parent’s responsibility. However going overboard may make you sound like a nagging parent, so do it in a very subtle way.

Let’s take an e.g. you have guests at home & they have got a gift for your child, even if your child is yet to start speaking we need to make them accept the gift and say “thank you”  Yes they can read your lips!

Most of the time we fuss over & get stressed about our kids food & eating habits. Hand feeding kids & running around them to feed them is a common scene in most of our houses! Put on their best cartoon TV & feed them that is another wonderful alternative, isn’t it. Well if we have inculcated such bad habits in our kids it becomes extremely difficult to get out of it. Here the best suggestion I would give is get a high chair as soon as your toddler has started to sit. Let them mess up as much as they want to, they will eventually learn.

Similarly there are many good things that need to be taught at home in a way that the child realizes its importance & would want to do it over & over again.

Good luck with your manners & start them now!

Personality Enhancement

Kidiquette workshops are designed to empower children, to develop strong social skills that will help them gain respect for themselves and take control of their destiny by making good choices.

Enroll your child in one of our upcoming classes.

Dinning Etiquette

In today’s fast paced world parents have taught their kids how to speak correct English but somehow have left a gap when it comes to manners & etiquette. How many times have you judged someone’s child while eating at a restaurant & commented ‘Oh my God why don’t parents teach these kids how to eat? Or how many times have your own kids been judged by others in the same way?

At Kidiquette your child will not only learn the right dining etiquette but will also be more respectful towards others, build self confidence through role plays as they learn the importance of manners.

Let Kidiquette help all those parents overcome embarrassment & anxiety while they dine out with their kids, be it at a restaurant, a party, a family function or even while having guests over.

A solution for all you kids dinning problems- Kidiquette!

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