Career Dead End
Have you reached the dead end of your career?

Yes, it is possible, in the world we live in, to reach the dead end of one’s career!

Many things can attribute to the end of a job or career. From taking a career break to losing the job to AI, to what you once did has become obsolete! This can happen to anyone men or women, and it does happen. The job you once loved may now no longer be exciting, the people you work with many not contribute towards a healthy relationship, having a bad boss, company shutting down…… the list can go on but is it really the end????? If one looks at it as the “end” then it can be fatal.

There are many people who have hit the dead end and have bounced back with something even better or more exciting. How one copes with such a situation will vary from person to person. The interesting thing about us humans is that we have ‘brains’ and the ‘will’. These two are not enough but definitely important.

When one has given many years to the same job they automatically move into a comfort zone. The thought of losing the job can be scary, yet many brush it off as something that can never happen to them. Life is uncertain, what we once thought is secured, stable, lifelong, may not be.

Is there a foolproof way to secure ones career? Yes & No.

How much ever one upgrades their skills, keeps up to date with the latest technologies etc. there will come a time when we hit the ‘dead end’ & at that time what one needs is the ‘will’. Like Muhammad Ali rightly quoted –“the will must be stronger than the skill.”

If we look at the end as the beginning of something new, it’s strong will, but if we look at it as ‘the end’ everything we have will be of no use.

When faced with such a grim situation, first and foremost accept the truth. Let go of the ego and accept that it has happened and there is not much one can do to undo it but have the courage to face it. Let your loved ones know & make them understand that there will be a way out. Support is one big gift a person needs at such times. Support from friends, family, ex-colleagues, which one gets only if they are willing to ask for it. Do not shy away from talking about it. The more we speak about it the better it is as it helps to        de-stress and figure out a way to move on. We humans are after all social animals, if we don’t talk how is anyone going to help?

The next thing to do is list down strengths, skills and qualifications. Each one has something to bring to the table. Even if it was not used before, we still have it. One doesn’t have to be a master at it. The very fact it’s there make the most of it. It could be anything from good communication skills to good management skills. I’m sure we all gather something good once we start working.

If money is not a constraint then one can upgrade their qualification or skills to meet the new market demand. However, if finances are a big concern then take up something that will meet the monetary needs. Don’t have to get stuck with that job or profession, it’s an ‘interim relief’ till one manages to come out of the situation.

Get some professional guidance, agreed people are ready to give their free advise but that may not be enough, a professional will be able to help in ways a layman cannot. This includes getting a professional profile/C.V.

Last but not the least don’t give up! It’s really not the end……………………………….